Aladdin and the Little Mermaid (Jan 2015)


Director : Phil Dickinson

Choreographer : Cathie Henry

MD : Shade Black

By : Limelight Scripts


On arrival we were greeted by a super display in the foyer of past productions, and the awards they have achieved through ACT.


Aladdin and the Little Mermaid was an unusual mixture of two different pantomimes.

An inspiring opening UV Scene was spectacular in the precision of the UV pieces which made the various shapes. UV is always difficult to achieve, but this was excellent and memorable.

The pace picked up as the various cast and characters developed, with excellent scenery and costume changes. Good songs and choreography to backing tracks blended throughout the show. Being pantomime, the audience participation was kept going right through the show, and even into the final bows.


Chris Holding, as Widow Twankey, Susan Halton, as Dim Sum, and Cathie Henry, as Wishee Washee, kept the audience's attention and participation all through the show, with Abanazer earning all the boos.


Act II — carried the story into all the various twists: who will marry who, and all of it based on who was holding either the Magic Ring or the Aladdin Lamp at the time?

Needless to say the right people finished up together, although one wonders in their future lives how Widow Twankey and an Octopus/Abanazer will get on!

When I say the right couple won in the end it was, of course, Jenny Edwards, as Aladdin and Libby Brierley, as Ariel, who were finally matched. Both performers played their characters realistically right through the show and had strong singing voices.

This was an excellent show, with full credit going to every person on the stage, together with the team of people behind the scenes, who worked hard to put this show on.


If anyone is not mentioned specifically by name, it simply means that there were no weak links anywhere in this production.

During the interval, besides the normal Bar, Tea and Coffee, etc., we were also offered Hot Dogs, a very welcome surprise on such a cold night.

Thank you for a fun evening, we are already looking forward to our next invitation.