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Cinderella (Nov 2008)


Director : Monica Bibby

Choreographer : Cathie Henry


This was nicely scripted version of the old favourite by Mark Llewellin, Roy Barraclough and John Jardine. The pantomime was given a lively performance by the LOADS with both Cathie Davey, as Prince Charming, and Cath Cheshire, as Dandini, in fine form. Phil Dickinson, as Buttons, maintained an energetic rapport with the audience.


Kerry Le Boutillier was a delightful Cinderella, with David Henderson and Sue Halton making the most of their comic routines as the 'Uglies', Britney & Kylie. The Stoneybrokes were represented by Chris Holding, as the Baroness, whilst Peter Longworth added Squire Snatchall to his considerable list of character roles. Karen Morris and Maria Deehan were kept busy, firstly as Desert Orchid, then as Radio Announcers, in addition to appearing in the chorus routines.

The adult and junior choruses did well with nicely performed, well known musical numbers. The costumes by Monica Bibby and Helen Gregson were good. The scenery, designed by David Henderson and built by an in-house team was also excellent.



Peter Pan (Jan 2008)


Director: David Henderson
Asst. Director: Sue Jackson
Choreographer: Cathie Henry


This NODA pantomime, scripted by John Morley, received a well deserved reception from the opening night audience.

The cast, consisting of a well balanced mix of senior, youth and junior members, blended well in the familiar story of the boy who did not want to grow up.


In the title role, choreographer Cathie Davey, accompanied by the mischievous Tinkerbell, played by Katie Atkinson, did well. Allan Richardson as a "camp" Captain Hook received the boos alongside his pirate crew and Vickie Ashurst brought her delightful voice to the part of Wendy. The family was completed by Carolyne Smith as Mrs Darling and Charlotte Doran and Becky Jones as John and Michael, not forgetting Sue Creek as Nana.

Comedy was provided by Chris Stacey as the Red Indian squaw, Laughing Water, and Sophie Appleton as Tiger Lily. The ensemble routines involving the Red Indians and the Lost Boys were good with an eye-catching performance from the promising 14 year old Ruth Brown in the role of Slightly.

The sets were effective as were the costumes - all designed and made by society members. An enjoyable evening's entertainment. Well done everyone.


Return to the Forbidden Planet (2004)


Director: David Henderson
Musical Director: Craig- Barlow
Choreographer: Cathie henry


Having learned that the planned opening night of this production had been cancelled due to poor ticket sales I approached the show with a feeling of trepidation but my concern was unfounded. This was a super show, well cast, well motivated and performed at a cracking pace with a profusion of toe-tapping hand-jiving musical numbers.

A mixture of the young, and the not so young, made for an accomplished cast with Peter Longworth as Dr. Prospero, David Molyneux as Captain Tempest, Jen Spence as the Science Officer, Pete Den Kaat as Cookie, Jake Irving as Bosun and Carolyne Smith as the Navigation Officer all playing their respective parts admirably backed by an enthusiastic chorus of the space craft crew.

We were treated to scene-stealing performances from Louise Phelan as Miranda and Phil Dickinson as the roller blading robot Ariel.

Costumes were good and the whole performance was enhanced by a first class set with good lighting, visual and sound effects.

I hope that the audience numbers improved for the remainder of the week. Those who missed this show missed a good evening's entertainment.