The Grinch (Nov 2013)


Director : Chris Holding

Choreographer : Cathie Henry

By : Limelight scripts

The Grinch disrupts pantoland! This was not a traditional romp through the evergreen seasonal, treat but a Christmas show with a few pantomime characters. This Christmas show had the opportunity to extend the format from the restraints of fairy tales.

The production team kept to a narrow path and delivered a pleasing adventure thought the world of the Grinch. The younger fans in the audience for this green, trouble-making character were more than pleased with his exploits.


A composite set supplied all the locations and was handled well by the stage crew. The costumes conveyed all the right elements of the characters, and the Grinch (Bernard Holding) looked just like the Grinch.


The song selection engaged the audience, but some of the solo numbers didn’t have to be sung completely. A verse and a chorus would have been sufficient; I say this on behalf of all the young’uns in the audience.


Spirit, played by Lisa Pilkington, didn’t have the powers of the good pantomime fairy but keet an eye on making sure good rivals bad. She aided the Mayor of Whoville, who was given an air of the civic dignitary, by Peter Longworth. (Congratulations to Peter on receiving his 20 year ACT service award).


The Mayor was helped stopping the Grinch ruining Christmas by Annie (Cath Cheshire), Nora, the bloke in a frock (Ken Brindley), and Colin, the girl in britches (Cathie Henry). As the Grinch tries to steal Christmas he needs an assistant to help him. He conjured up the bad Colin / Pinchit. Alice Ashurst had great fun as Pinchit, making the most of each situation.


The trail led to the North Pole and Santa’s workshop where all the presents had gone. There was only one person who could help, and that was the Snow Queen, and her aide, Grimble. Jane Kelleher’s Snow Queen was delivered straight out of the Brothers Grimm story book. She was ably supported by Lauren Hill as the faithful Gimble All the other characters helped to tell the story. Christmas was restored and the Grinch, for now, behaves.